Professional Full-Service Grooming Shop

Our groomers will pamper your dog or cat with a complete brushing/bathing that includes de-matting, nail trimming (as needed), and ear cleaning. We offer 25 years experience in styling for all breeds of dogs. Grooming can be set up in conjunction with your pet's Boarding or DayCare stay or as a separate appointment.

From early puppy- or kitten-hood to geriatric pets. Our groomers are trained to work with all age groups in a loving and supportive manner that reduces stress on your pet while maintaining their coat in a tangle-free, healthy state.

We use all-natural products in our shop with a minimum of dyes and fragrances, thus reducing the amount of allergens your pet and your family will be exposed to.

Regular grooming for your dog and cat is an important part of keeping your pet healthy. Our experienced groomers may be able to spot indications that your pet needs to be seen by his/her veterinarian that weren't noticed at home.

We offer kind and gentle techniques to slowly acclimate your puppy to the new experience of professional grooming. They have many years of grooming ahead of them and it is very important for them to learn to trust their groomer. I often wonder whether I would ever allow some stranger to take scissors and clippers to my toes, and how much stress it would cause me! By working slowly and patiently with your dog, he/she will learn that the groomer wants them to feel good.

The best time to start bringing your dog for grooming is after they have completed 2 of their puppy shots. They do not need to be old enough to have a rabies shot to have their first happy experience at our shop.

Our groomers are happy to discuss proper tools for maintenance of your individual pet's coat, and special appointments can be made for hands-on experience to learn the proper use of grooming tools and techniques.

More about our Staff...

Waiting their turn for a haircut
Andee D. receives a modified show trim. She loves visiting her friends at the kennel.
Ripley shows that even large dogs are welcome in our shop. (He wasn’t always this calm; we used to do his styling on the floor.)
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